ColdFusion 2016 Enterprise

ColdFusion 2016 has been released with major new features and enhancements.

ColdFusion 2016 has dozens of new features and enhancements.  To learn about all of then you can visit the What's New page here: Adobe ColdFusion 2016 

One of the signature features for this release is the new API Manager which brings together ColdFusion and frontend JavaScript frameworks designed for building responsive single page web applications.  It is a full featured Enterprise API Manager bringing together all the features you want with any REST based API:
  • Authentication - many options including OAuth2
  • Publishing Interface to make it easy to define your API
  • Publisher and Subscriber Interfaces
  • Scaling and Failover with Clustering features
  • Integrations with Swagger API definition standards
  • Throttling and rate-limiting to control usage
  • Metrics and Logging to Monitor Performance
  • Caching features to increase performance
  • Connectors for external integration
  • and much more
I am looking forward to exploring all the API Manager offers over the coming months.