ColdFusion Conferences

A great place to learn ColdFusion and meet the experts is to attend a ColdFusion centric conference.

Here are a few to review and be aware of:

cfObjective - Always known as the ColdFusion Enterprise Conference, always held in Minniapolis\St. Paul.  Next Conference May 2013

Adobe MAX - MAX has historically offered CF content, 2013 is centered around their Creative Cloud product line.  So I'd recommend MAX if you want to improve your front end skills as it integrates with ColdFusion.

OpenCF - The open source CFML community does various conferences.  When I learn of the next one I will post.

RIACON - Washington DC - attendees can learn the most up to date techniques in ColdFusion, HTML5, Mobile,JavaScript, Flex/AIR, ActionScript, and Server Side Enterprise Architecture

The ColdFusion team is looking at an Adobe ColdFusion Conference for later in 2013.  So stay tuned for more information from the ColdFusion Product Team Blog.